See Trough World

see trough world means see trough nature

we don’t have earth,we walking with earth and earth give us what we need and so why we never give what earth need..

and why we dont start now,please join my program to save river..

i know you all can do that.i know i’m nothing but if togheter we can be something.something realy..realy big..

i’m rifqy says thanks before..

    • adam van kjaer
    • July 20th, 2010

    yeah, i could see what you try to write here.. in my country, we have a lot of rivers also.
    Rivers like pulse for our world.. GO GREEN!!!


  1. wew,,,

    • bin aku udah banyak postingan nih ..harap dikunjungi lagi nah..haha promosi tarus

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